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Ophthalmic Blade
Ophthalmic Blades have sharp edges, corrosion resistance, lightweight construction, neat finishing, and others. The offered blades are suited for various ophthalmic applications. During the surgeries, these make side port slit.
Foldable Lenses
Foldable Lenses are offered with the Equiconvex optic design. The optic sizes available with the offered lenses are 5.75 and 6.00 mm. Overall lengths are 12.00 mm and 12.5 mm.
Intraocular Lens
The benefits of Intraocular Lens are used to provide a good and natural vision to their end users. These are most frequently utilized by the cataract surgery. These inert lenses work till the patient's life.
Ophthalmic Cannula
Provided high-quality Ophthalmic Cannulas are the highly portable ophthalmic surgery instruments, made to treat the lachrymal passages. The main function of the provided products is in arthroscopic surgery.

Disposable Eye Drapes
Disposable Eye Drapes are utilized for total covering of eyes, during the operation. Offered drapes ensure complete protection of the untreated body parts during the surgery.
Ophthalmic Equipments
Ophthalmic Equipments we deal in are used by the eye doctors to make proper diagnosis of several types of eye diseases. These are suited for the diagnosis as well as treatment of several types of eye disorders.
Ophthalmic Pharma Products
Ophthalmic Pharma Products are apt for the treatment of various types of eye-related problems. These can deal with several eye related troubles and are meant to be used under the guidance of doctors only.
Disposable Contact Lens
Disposable Contact Lens we deal in are helpful in lessening the risk of sensitivity inflammation as well as microbial keratitis. These ensure less handling and have high level of protection attributes.
Iris Clip Iol are offered with plastic side supports and can maintain their correct position. These are utilized for making safe surgical incision and are helpful in the conditions of myopia as well as cataract.
Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Thin Knives
Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Thin Knives are made to provide fine cutting and are corrosion resistant in nature. These are applicable for micro surgical applications.

Ophthalmic Eye Drapes
Ophthalmic Eye Drapes are during the surgeries, for covering the eyes.  These provide complete protection to the eyes, when a surgery is taking place. The drapes have been designed with the fluid-containment sack so as to ensure protection from phacoemulsification.
PMMA Intra Ocular Lens
We offer high quality Foldable Intra Ocular Lenses that can be easily implanted in the eyes which helps in the treatment for cataracts or myopia. These are made up of best grade plastic which do not show any harm to the eye.