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An ISO 9001:2015, ISO:13485:2016, Certified Company Catering with a wide range of Specialized Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments like Ophthalmic Blade, Ophthalmic Micro Blade, Cannula, Intraocular Lens, Foldable Lens, Dignostic Lens/Strips & Retinal Silicone Product etc.

About Us

Shreeji Micro Systems Inc. has made a significant contribution since its inception in the year 2000 by providing excellent services to the surgical fraternity. Imbibing the confidence and experience of leading surgeons, who have dedicated their lives to nurture mankind, our brand has undoubtedly become one of the leading market players in the industry.

Our products are trustworthy and have been grounded on the substratum of invaluable inputs made by our team of scientists. Similarly, our Research & Development professionals who are loaded with extensive expertise, utilize the latest technology to build these products as per international standards.

As our product range is crucially significant in the surgical domain, so we are highly concerned about maintaining high hygienic standards. We are a renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of Ophthalmic Blade, Ophthalmic Micro Blade, Knives, Ophthalmic Instruments, Intraocular Lens, Foldable Lens, Disposable Phaco Surgery Kit, Ophthalmic Surgical Drapes, Viscoelastic, Trypan Blue & Ophthalmic Equipment, etc.

Health care and research professionals in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and Gulf Countries and rest of the world use our ophthalmic instruments and other related products. We have won the several prominent players of the industry as our patrons. Our endeavors to offer high-test products to our customers have set a path for earning great repute and got the certifications in the form of the ISO 9001:2015 & ISO:13485:2016, we maintain the fusion of quality and workmanship.

Product Range

Shreeji Micro Systems Inc. is a reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of Surgical Instruments. The modern designs, ease of use, full range of features and accurate performance make our range of instruments like ophthalmic instruments a preferred universal choice. Our product range includes:

  • Ophthalmic Surgical Knives / Blades
  • Disposable/Reusable-Cannula
  • Stainless Steel / Titanium Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments & Retinal Instruments
  • Disposable Phaco Surgery Kit
  • PMMA Intra Ocular Lenses
  • Foldable Lenses
  • Hydro Phobic Lenses
  • Multi Focal Lenses
  • Irish Claw Lenses
  • Ophthalmic Equipment (Slit Lamp, Biopolar Cautery, Phaco Machine, Keratometer, Refractive Chair Unit, OT Table & Hospital Furniture)
  • S.S Blades Handles.
  • Miscellaneous Instruments
  • Ophthalmic Pharma Products ( HPMC Pfs/Vial / Sodium Hyluronet / Hyluronidese / Carbachol / Trypan Blue ) 
  • Disposable Injecter & Cartrige / 1.8, 2.2, 2.5, 2.8 MM
  • Eye Drapes-Eyepad, Trolly Cover, Phaco Cover, Surgeon Cap-Masc, Gown, etc.
  • Retinal Silicone Implants (Silicone Band Sleeve, Silicone Tire, Silicone Sponges & Silicone Oil)

Quality Assurance

At Shreeji Micro Systems Inc., all the manufactured instruments pass a series of quality control inspections, allowing to confidently provide guaranteed and comprehensive product liability coverage. We are religiously committed to supplying excellent quality and sophisticated range of products to make sure the well-being of humanity.

Our company designs ophthalmic and surgical instruments and outfit which are composed of fine stainless steel, crafted to demanding tolerances, subsequently are put through rigorous test for their functional efficiency. As a dependable surgical equipment manufacturer, we are centered on the sterility of our products as well as packaging material is checked according to the industry compliance.


We, at Shreeji Micro Systems Inc., have a technically sound and sophisticated infrastructure, which forms the basic backbone of the company. The workforce of our company comprises of efficient and learned doctors, technicians and other professionals.

Our Clinical Research Department has professionally qualified staff that ensures the safety and efficacy of the Disposable Lenses and Diagnostic Lenses. The company also employs an experienced group of experts, which observes the changing trends and accordingly designs quality products for the total satisfaction of the clients.


Shreeji Micro Systems Inc. is a professionally managed company, observing higher business ethics along with its commitment to the quality of its personnel, products like Disposable Lenses, Diagnostic Lenses, etc. We believe the following to be our strengths:-

  • Competitive Prices
  • High Quality
  • Professional Efficiency
  • High Precision Manufacturing Operations
  • Reliability and Safety of the Products
  • Excellent After Sales Services
  • Certified products